Serenity Cremation Services, Inc. 
Providing Highest Professional Standards and Dignified Service

Cremation is simply the process of reducing the body to its basic elements through the application of intense heat. With the technology that exists today, the cremation process is quick, clean and dignified. It involves a combination of high heat and air in a specially-designed, environmentally friendly chamber. At all times, the remains are treated with care and reverence.

For Funeral Directors wishing to utilize our service, we have conveniently included the Authorization for Cremation below. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

please complete and fax to (734) 946-5224
Our Mission Statement
Serenity Cremation Services Inc., has a mission to provide exceptional standards of service. This is because it is not only commercially sensible to do so but also because it is an essential act of human decency towards people who have just lost a much loved member of their family or a friend. The loss of a loved one is the most stressful, unhappy and traumatic experience that we will face in life. We at Serenity Cremation Services Inc realize that we are unable to eradicate such pain but we also know it is our responsibility and duty to be as efficient, kind, respectful and polite as humanly possible to our clients at their time of grief. Therefore it is our aim to provide immaculately clean and tidy facilities attended by people who are sincerely dedicated to our mission, and who take a great pride in their work as a result."
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