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Cremation is simply the process of reducing the body to its basic elements through the application of intense heat. With the technology that exists today, the cremation process is quick, clean and dignified. It involves a combination of high heat and air in a specially-designed, environmentally friendly chamber. At all times, the remains are treated with care and reverence.

For Funeral Directors wishing to utilize our service, we have  conveniently included the Authorization for cremation below. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.


Our Mission Statement

At  Serenity Cremation Services, Inc. our mission is to provide exceptional  standards of service. This is because it is an essential act of human decency towards people who have just lost a much loved member of their family or a  friend. The loss of a loved one is the most stressful, unhappy and traumatic experience that we will face in life. We at Serenity Cremation  Services. Inc. realize that we are unable to eradicate such pain but we also know it is our responsibility and duty to be as efficient, kind, respectful and polite as humanly possible to our clients during their time of grief.  Therefore, it is our aim to provide immaculately clean and tidy facilities attended by people who are sincerely dedicated to our mission, and who take a great pride in their work as a result.

Serenity 10-Step Peace-of-Mind


Five Steps Prior to Cremation

  1. Metal  "Identification Medallion" reflecting his or her unique individual  cremation ID number. This is assigned and placed with your loved one  immediately upon arrival at Serenity Crematory. This ID medallion will  stay with them throughout the process and will be placed in the urn upon  completion. It has a unique individual number on it which will be  recorded and logged on all paperwork and forms.
  2. Your loved one's information is logged onto a cremation log with the date of death, county, ID number and attendants name. A tracking slip is created for each case and reflects the log information.
  3. At Serenity, the state-of-the-art alternative cremation container in which your loved one is placed is labeled with their name, the funeral home name and their identification medallion number and they are carefully put into the secure holding area or refrigeration unit when required.
  4. A county-appointed medical examiner or physician reviews the death certificate information then completes and signs the cremation permit.
  5. Immediately prior to cremation, the crematory operator removes your loved one from holding area, reviews all paperwork including the cremation permit, family authorization and individually numbered tracking slip. Crematory  personnel preforms no preparation services.

Five Steps During and After Cremation

  1. Once your loved one's cremation has begun, the individually numbered  tracking slip is updated with the date and operators initials. The paperwork is verified that all identification numbers are correct and in  proper order. The paperwork is then attached to the front of the  "Retort" crematory machine, where it remains throughout the cremation.  The ID number is recorded into our computer tracking system.
  2. After the cremation, the crematory operator removes the cremated remains from the crematory chamber. The cremated remains and ID medallion are then  cooled and processed, with each step being recorded.
  3. The cremated remains along with the ID medallion are placed into the  permanent or temporary urn selected by the family. The urn is affixed with an identification label. The urn is then picked up by the funeral  director to be delivered to the family.
  4. All staff members sign a two-part individually numbered tracking slip. The  top of the slip is kept as record with us, and the bottom is retained by  the funeral home as a record of pick up.
  5. All information on the individually numbered tracking slip is logged into our computer system. The individually numbered tracking slip, cremation  permit, signed release of cremated remains and all original paperwork is kept as permanent record for the state of Michigan's specified time period.


Please complete all information and verify before submission.

Completed forms can be emailed to or faxed to (734) 946-5224

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